Collaboration and Support

At MFA Tools, we’re proud to have the support of the following content creators, who have shared our mission of offering Canva Pro for free to everyone

We greatly appreciate their support, and we encourage you to check out their channels and learn more about their creative work. We believe that collaboration is key to achieving meaningful impact, and we’re honored to have these talented individuals on board with us.

Collaboration and Support

Get Featured on Our Collaboration List!

Are you a content creator looking for new opportunities to collaborate and showcase your work? If you make a video about how we are sharing Canva Pro for free, simply send us a text on Instagram with your video link, we’ll feature you on our collaboration list. Plus, if you make reels on Instagram, feel free to add us as a collaborator and we’ll happily accept. Don’t miss out on this chance to grow your audience and connect with fellow creators.

01. Tim Harris Video AI